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Jim's Photos specializes in Portrait, Senior, Modeling and Group photography as well as Team and Sports Action photography. Listed below is a set of guidelines for you to read when considering Jim's Photos for your portrait needs. Please read through the information below and contact us if you have any questions.


 Most portrait sessions will be done outdoors. In the case of inclement weather, rescheduling will take place at no extra cost.

• Any session fees must be paid before services are rendered. While I do not at this time require a down payment to hold a session, it must be paid the day of the session and before photographing begins.

 A contract will be signed by all involved adult clients. This is a legally-binding document meant to protect everyone.

• Sessions will take place in and around Madison, WI. Locations outside of the Madison, WI area will require an additional travel fee.

• Prior to your session, I would like to consult with you via phone, e-mail or in person about locations, outfit ideas, and any special requests you may have.

Your Images

 I narrow down the best images from the sessions and pick those images that fit my artistic and technical standards. I then hand-edit each image using professional editing software and using a color-calibrated computer monitor. I do not batch-process images- each image is treated individually.

 Light portrait retouching and enhancements are included such as: Mild acne, Teeth whitening, Light skin softening, Basic color and exposure adjustments, etc.
 Please inform me if you have a mole or birthmark that you do not want altered or removed. I try to use careful discretion and would not normally remove these.

• Major retouching will require an additional fee per image. This may include: major skin imperfections/acne/rashes/large scars/birthmarks, body/weight modifications (where possible, such as tucking up neck or bulges), color alterations to specific parts of clothing or skin, removal of logos or designs from clothing, etc. These are done on a case-by-case basis and must be requested. There are alterations that simply can't be done, but I am willing to attempt it.  Major retouching may be requested after images are presented to you.

• There are many trends in both photography and editing. I will always provide you a classic "clean" edit of your image, but possibly additional edits such as hazy tones (which are very popular right now), textures, vintage styles, or black-and-white. Please see my portfolio for examples.

• You can be assured your images are safe; I take extra precautions by backing up image files in multiple locations including two external hard drives and online cloud storage.

• RAW image files (original/unedited files) are never released for viewing or offered for sale; only the finished JPG file-type images are. 

• Finished high-resolution images and prints may have a watermark or logo on them. This may be removed at your request. The watermark is for online sharing and for branding and protection.

• I offer for sale prints and print products ordered on line through a professional print lab.

• I offer the purchase of digital image files. If you purchase the high-resolution images and a print release, please note that colors and contrast will not be accurate when printed at home or at a discount printing service. I edit using a color-calibrated computer monitor so that prints colors will be accurate when ordered through a quality lab. Prints are only guaranteed for quality if ordered through me.

• Please be aware that part of my contract includes a model release. This means that images that I take during your session can and may be used by me in my online/print portfolio or advertising purposes, and by signing and agreeing to my contract, you are fully aware and approve of this.

• Following your session, I may post a few "sneak peeks" to my Facebook page. However, I use careful discretion - I will not post any very personal images publicly without your prior approval. Please mention if photos are to be a surprise (such as for holiday cards or announcement cards) and I will respectfully wait to post those images until after the occasion. Also, if there is a legal reason for not posting images of a child on Facebook (such as a foster child, an in-process adoption, or a custody issue) please inform me of this.

• After editing is complete, all finished images will be presented to you via an online gallery. This could be made private and/or password-protected. I will not give anyone else this password, but you are free to share it with friends and family. This online gallery will be live for a limited time. If you do forget your password or want it changed, I can reset it.

Editing Styles

Wait? Why don't I get "all" the photos you take?

This is a common question that I want to address specifically.

• During a typical session, I may take a few hundred photos. However, you will not see all of these, and in fact many get discarded right away. This is 100% common practice by portrait photographers.

• During the session I take several shots of the same pose, sometimes from slightly different angles or heights, adjusting what's showing up in the background, having you smile differently or look in a different direction, adjusting the settings on my camera and lens to change the lighting or look of the photo, etc. Some poses I try out, but people end up not looking their best in that pose. As a photographer I am taking both science and art into account when making an image.

 Then, after importing the RAW image files into my computer, professional image editing software is required to be able to view the files. Here, I carefully review every photo from the session. This meticulous process can take a few hours. Some photos have awkward smiles, hair blowing over someone's forehead, or someone is blinking. Some photos might have something in the background that I didn't intend to be there. Others might have turned out slightly blurry. Images that don't fit my professional standards will be discarded right away. Similar images get compared closely so that I can choose those that best fit my style and vision.  During your session I am even gauging your personality to better help me choose the images that will be presented to you. 
After this process, chosen images are hand-edited to bring my complete artistic touch to them.

 You can be assured that the images presented to you ARE the best from the session. I will not hide or keep amazing photos from you. I always provide an estimate or minimum number of images you will receive for each type of session. Sometimes that number ends up being higher
, if I feel that there are more images than the included number that I want to offer to you.

• The images that I choose to discard will not be available for viewing or purchase in either an unedited or edited state. 

• Remember that images presented to you following the session are all available for purchase. No digital files or prints are included in the session price unless specifically stated. 

Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Image Use

• Copyright is solely and indefinitely retained by me, the photographer. I do not transfer copyright.

• I will never grant a commercial use license of client photos to anyone without approval from the paying client.

 By scheduling a session, you agree to the use of your model (including images of yourself, your children, your business or orginization and your personal property) in any of my own marketing/advertising purposes both online and in print. This may include social media, blog, business cards, fliers, etc.

 Please do not download, screenshot, print, alter, or edit any images from my website or Facebook page. Doing so is in violation of copyright.

 Prints and digital portrait files may only be purchased by the person/family who paid for the session. I will not sell portrait items to anyone else without prior approval from the paying client.

 Printing is only permitted with a signed print release. High-resolution images will be provided when purchased.


You may view a copy of my contract HERE. Please read it completely and ask any questions regarding the terms prior to scheduling a session.

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Jim's Photos is able to print any photo for you. Throughout this website, there are thousands of photos posted.

Use the link below to see my photo ordering system used for viewing photos and ordering prints and other neat stuff. You will be taken to the thumbnail indexes for thousands of photos. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the photo you are interested in. Use the "Buy" button to purchase the photos. You will be given many options to choose from. All photos are high resolution suitable for printing and framing. Large poster prints are available for most images. If you have a discount coupon code, use that during the checkout process.

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Note: Jim's Photos is not affiliated with any school, team, group, club or organization and receives no compensation from them. Photo orders are appreciated!

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I try to capture as many games and events as I can and I have photos for all events that are listed, however I don't always get them all posted right away. If you would like a specific event posted, click on the Soon! Notify me when photos are posted. icon next to the event you are interested in. I will try to give that event priority. Jim's Photos is proud to offer photos of High Scholl or Collage seniors and underclassmen.

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Q: Is there any fee that you charge in addition to the pictures?
A: For most events, I waive any session fees. I do of course charge for any prints you may want. However, you only pay for the prints or images what you want. I try to limit the "package" deals. There are discounts available for any school related parents and students. Please inquire. See my pricing page for a guide and details. Please ask about photo print discount coupons.

Q: What is your procedure for photographing large groups, or teams and do you do individual player photos?
A: I specialize in group, team and individual player photos! This is where good planning comes in. On the day of the group and individual photos, I will set up early at your facility in an area of your choice. Once I am set up, the rest should go smooth with your help. You can schedule each group or team to come over to the photograph area at separate times. I will do the team photos first followed by individual member photos for that team. (See details below.)

Each team is lead to the photograph area by someone in charge of that team. At this point, everyone should already be in the attire that is needed for the photos. I will do the team photos first. Usually this will involve arranging the taller people to be in the back (about 6 persons wide) with shorter people towards the front. Sometimes, people in the middle can be kneeling with people in the front sitting. This is of course at your desecration. I like to take about 6 to 12 photos of each team. More if requested. This should take 10-15 minutes.

Yes, I love to do individual portraits! After the group photos are done, I will do individual persons for that team. For individuals, I like to do 2 to 6 photos of each person. There will be more shots if different poses are requested. Each person should take 2-4 minutes each.

Q: How flexible are you in regards to the type of photos that are done?
A: This is your team and your event. Just let me know what you want, and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes. I am not a big time photographer, so you can customize almost anything you like. Team banners and posters are available too. Let me know if you would like your event photographed!

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Society of Sport & Event PhotographersAll photos on this web site have been reduced for web site viewing. Actual prints are full photographic quality. All are high resolution photos that are suitable for printing and framing which can be ordered by following the instructions above. Large poster prints are available for most images. Any information appearing on the photo (watermarks) will not be present on your prints. Note: Jim's Photos, LLC is not affiliated with any team, group, club or organization and receives no compensation from them for his work. Photo orders are appreciated! All photographs and content of website contained herein are the exclusive property of Jim's Photos, LLC and may not be used or reproduced in any manner without permission

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