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Best Portrait Photographers Of MadisonBoudoir (bood-waa) photography has gained serious popularity among many women and even some men too. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? To help you decide whether or not taking intimate photos is the right move for you, keep reading.

What is Boudoir photography?
Boudoir photography is a sultry photo session often done as a confidence and self esteem builder. A boudoir session can make you feel sexy and alive! Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all. They're rarely x-rated though, but rather PG-13 or R as in classic pinup-inspired photos, or what the pros call 'implied nudes.' That means you're not wearing anything, but you're also not showing off everything either. Think of it as being shot from the back, or lying on your stomach. Boudoir photography is about making women feel good about themselves. See some of my testimonials here.

Why you should pose nude
A lot of people may ask themselves that question. Why should I pose nude? There are some practical reasons why. Art nude modeling is one of the few genres that does not have any physical requirements to participate. Models don’t have to be a specific height, weight, or age. Instead, art nude modeling is about celebrating the human form in all its diversity. Anyone can pose nude, and I think everyone should. See The Embody Project website for more good ideas about this.

Nude modeling taught me to be brave. There’s a stigma in our society against nudity. People assume that it is inherently sexual, when it’s often nothing of the sort. We automatically think porn instead of classical art. We censor images, as if there’s something wrong with seeing a female nipple. And we warn new models about nude modeling. It takes bravery to stand up to these social norms and say, “I’ll try it anyway.” Over the years, I’ve had the joy of coaching several brand new models through their first nude shoot. They’re always nervous when they come into the studio. But once they start posing, they start to glow. They tell me that it’s liberating, and it’s fun. See the rest of the article about why you should pose nude.

Who will take my pictures?

Many professional photographers have embraced this trend. Some may offer this as an additional service. An added bonus of going with a pro: Many women like to have the best of their boudoir photos bound in a mini album just for their someone, a service many professional photographers are able to arrange. In some cities, you may also be able to find services that specialize in boudoir photography. Jim's Photos, LLC is a professional photography company specializing in decreet boudoir photography. The images you get will be just as high quality as those of a high-end model or wedding photographer. Be sure to see my references too!

When should I schedule the session?
The session can be done at any time. Jim's Photos offers both indoor and outdoor sessions. If you're spending time and money on an exercise and beauty routine, you may want to show off the results. Plus, a fun and exciting photo shoot is a good way to indulge and take some time out from everyday living.

How long does it take?
Though it depends on what you want to do. Your boudoir photo session will probably last about two to three hours. Why so long? It takes time for hair and makeup, plus the additional lighting setup. It may also take you a little while to relax. Most women aren't used to lounging around wearing little, if any, clothing in front of the camera, so your first few shots will likely look a bit stiff. With The real key, of course, is whether you gel with your photographer—if you don't feel comfortable, it will show on camera. It is important for all parties allow enough time for the photo session, usually around 2-3 hours.

What does it cost?
Cost varies considerably—do a little investigating before you commit to a vision of what you want. Multiple set changes, renting props, or simply time spent can add up quickly. This will be a private session so there may be hotel room costs as well.

For TFP (Trade For Photos) shoots, we trade your time for my time and you get to keep edited photos from your shoot in exchange for your time. Its a win-win situation. * If I am charging for the shoot, my session fees are a minimum flat rate $145.00 for a Madison area 2-3 hr on-location professional photo session. Additional session and travel time will be handled on a case by case bases. Each session usually includes at least 20-60 professionally edited digital files suitable for web posting, etc. (High resolution prints are available and sold separately.) *The session fee may be reduced or waived at the discretion of Jim's Photos, LLC depending on current specials, discounts and other factors.

A Word About Safety

Your privacy and safety are assured. I can promise that you will be treated with respect and professionalism. Complete discretion is assured. Finished photos and videos are uploaded to my secure password protected on-line photo galleries were you will be able to view and download them! Jim's Photos may choose sample photos to be used in its portfolio. Beyond that, image privacy is completely up to you. Your photos will be available for you to download and save to your hard drive. All persons being photographed need to provide a copy of their photo ID and must sign my photo release form(s). You can download and print the form here. If you have the latest version of Adobe Reader, you can now fill out and sign the form(s) online and e-mail them directly to me! Be sure to check my references!

Where should I have it done?
Talk with your photographer to come up with the best location. Jim's Photos has their own private photo studio. Another popular site is a posh hotel room. Your own home or a borrowed home is another option. And there is nothing more alluring then an outdoor session and I know of many places where this can be done. The main key is to get an okay from your photographer on the location. A number of different backgrounds for poses are important, and you want to have good quality light too.

Indoor Sessions Many of you may desire having your photos done indoors. There are many reasons to do this.  Weather, privacy and the ability to control the lighting and other environment are just some reasons that come to mind. These sessions are easy and fun too. I have my own private photography studio located in Madison, WI. My studio is state of the art using only the very best equipment. There are many backdrops and themes you can choose from.

The studio is located on the west side of Madison and is available any time by appointment. In addition, you can also choose a local hotel room, your own home or some other place of your liking to have your photos done. Please inquire for more details.

What should I wear?
The most important thing is to choose outfits that make you feel confident and sexy. A good rule of thumb: Bring something white, something black, and some items with some bright colors so you can mix and match. And lots of lingerie too. A corset will create sexy curves. In addition to lingerie, don't forget shoes, and jewelry.

Should I bring anyone along?
I encourage women to bring a friend to the session that will help them prepare and feel more comfortable during the shoot. Though you don't want to turn your shoot into a three-ring circus! You'll feel more at ease if you can make a few jokes with a pal, plus she may be able to help with suggestions. Another idea: Bring a bottle of bubbly. A little champagne may help loosen things up. You'll be posing like a pro in no time.
10 Reasons To Do Boudoir
01) Treat yourself. A once in a lifetime gift to yourself to highlight the way you look at this moment! You can't ever be this age again.
02) Your Birthday. Do it for yourself, you deserve to feel sexy & beautiful.
03) Surprise wedding gift to your Groom.
04) Anniversary gift for your Husband.
05) Show off a new outfit, tattoo or body enhancement.
06) Celebrate being single again. Ladies, it’s all about you.
07) Celebrate a transitional time in your life. Change of job, home or college graduation.
08) Retirement - Make this a milestone of your accomplishments at this point in your life.
09) Maternity boudoir. Highlight your baby bump in a beautiful way.
10) Have Fun! Simply for a great confidence builder. It’s time to indulge, be pampered and feel sexy and alive!
Also see: The Embody Project for more examples.
Jim's Photos is always looking for people to work with. I'm open to anything from mild to wild so if you have something in mind, let me know. My goal is to capture an authentic emotion, a smile, a pout, or a special moment. I'm trying to capture who you really are, not always how you think you should be in front of the camera. For more details, see my modeling pages.

The process is very simple, fun and easy! Jim’s Photos will do the photo sessions (usually on location) and do all post production re-touching and color correction edits. My prices are reasonable and all finished proofs and photos will be available for you. Every finished photo will be uploaded to your own secure gallery. I will provide you a link you your gallery where you will be able to view, download and print any of the finished images. Additionally, I offer proprietary service and 25% discount if you choose me as your exclusive photographer! Have your photos completed today!

Be sure to see my testimonials! Photography is my passion and nothing gives me more satisfaction then capturing those special moments for you. My style is natural modern, and most of all fun.

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I try to capture as many games and events as I can and I have photos for all events that are listed, however I don't always get them all posted right away. If you would like a specific event posted, click on the Soon! Notify me when photos are posted. i con next to the event you are interested in. I will try to give that event priority.

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